Farewell January! We’ve Moved On to The Season of Love!

valentines day

While many holidays, celebrations, observances, and commemorations take place in February, here at RCI’s Adult Day Program we tend to favor Valentine’s Day!

At our program, our participants are all heart. Not only during this special month does our program convey love, encouragement, and support to those we provide services to, but invitations to learn acceptance, appreciation, hope, trust, respect, patience, vulnerability, and compassion, occur daily. Making long-lasting connections and true friendship/community is the foundation of our adult day program.

Valentine’s Day Love:

To celebrate this heart-shaped occasion with love and fun!

  • we plastered the walls in love with Valentine’s Day Heart Cards Garland,
  • Coffee Filter Heart Wreaths,
  • Valentine Wands,
  • Paper Chain Heart Banners,
  • and many other Valentine’s Day crafts and artwork.

We also made and indulged in Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cupcakes, Cupid’s Float, and other heart-warming desserts!