Certified ADS Services

RCI is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (ODDD) to provide Adult Day Support (ADS) Services demonstrating a dedication to quality care and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With a strong emphasis on skill acquisition, community engagement, and personal empowerment, RCI’s ADS services are tailored to enhance the lives of those it serves.

Activities That Comprise Adult Day Support Include:

  • Supports to participate in community activities and build community membership consistent with the person’s interests, preferences, goals, and outcomes.
  • Supports to develop and maintain a meaningful social life, including social skill development which offers opportunities for personal growth, independence, and natural supports through community involvement, participation, and relationships.
  • Supports and opportunities that increase problem-solving skills to maximize a person’s ability to participate in integrated community activities independently or with natural supports.
  • Skill reinforcement includes the implementation of behavioral support strategies, assistance in the use of communication and mobility devices, and other activities that reinforce skills learned by the person that are necessary to ensure his or her initial and continued participation in community life.
  • Training in self-determination which includes assisting the person to develop self-advocacy skills; to exercise his or her civil rights; to exercise control and responsibility over the services he or she receives; and to acquire skills that enable him or her to become more independent, productive, and integrated within the community.
  • Recreation and leisure include supports identified in the person-centered individual service plan as being therapeutic, rather than merely providing a diversion, and/or as being necessary to assist the individual in developing and/or maintaining social relationships and family contacts.
  • Personal care includes support and supervision in the areas of personal hygiene, eating, communication, mobility, toileting, and dressing to ensure an individual’s ability to experience and participate in community living.
  • Assisting an individual with self-medication or health-related activities or performing medication administration or health-related activities.

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Enhancing The Lives of The Disabled

RCI’s Adult Day Support Services program is a structured full-day program focused on enhancing the lives of people with I/DD by encouraging socialization, choice-making, independence, community involvement, relationship building, personal life skills, and physical/emotional health. Participants have opportunities daily to take part in community activities, success-focused structured activities, as well as leisure-based activities.

vehicles for Disabled

RCI provides reliable and safe Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) to and from the participant’s home and into the community. Only qualified DSPs with a valid driver’s license and less than six (6) driving points can provide this service. Our vehicles are well-maintained and inspected annually.

RCI has a fleet of non-modified and modified vans in service to meet the needs of all participants.

The program is open 260 days a year, Monday- Friday, 7:30 am – 2:00 pm.

Our qualified Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are well-trained to provide the needed level of assistance to overcome obstacles impeding his/her personal skill development.

RCI sponsors all adult day support program activities at no charge. We offer a magnitude of activities both onsite and in the community.

Adult Day Support Services

Onsite activities may include flower/vegetable gardening care and maintenance, pottery classes, music therapy, animal care and companionship, painting, current events, exercise/mobility activities and healthy lifestyle skills, arts and crafts, table/board games, massage therapy, iPad and computer activities, baking and cooking skills, and housekeeping skills.

Offsite activities may include shopping at stores such as Meijer, Jungle Jim’s, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Tractor Supply, Michaels, PetSmart, Dollar Tree, etc.; actively participating in group fitness at Anchor Fitness; attending karate class at Eastgate Martial Arts; picking apples and strawberries at A & M Orchard; bowling at Batavia Bowl;

We also routinely visit local historic sites such as Serpent Mound, Camp Dennison, Grant’s Birthplace/Museum; walking at local parks such as Sycamore Park, Pattison Park, Veteran’s Park, etc.; visiting our local library; seeing exhibits at Krohn Conservatory; and visiting seasonal events such as Blooming Berries, Pringles Orchard, and Shaw Farms.

We cover Clermont, Hamilton, Brown, and nearby counties, aiming to enrich our participants’ lives in various ways. If you’re interested in learning more about our residential care homes and personalized support services or joining our mission, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.