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Location: 4073 Tollgate Road, Batavia, Ohio 45103

Job Description:  To possess and practice a commitment to normalization ideology and provide a home environment to the persons residing in the home. The Direct Support Personnel will work directly with the individuals both individually and in groups to help meet their various social, physical and psychological needs.
Preferred Skills:  High school diploma or GED required and shall be at least 18 years of age for position. Must have evidence of the ability to work constructively with persons with intellectual and developmentally disabilities. Previous direct care, nursing and/or developmental disability experience preferred. Must demonstrate basic respect and good will toward individuals and coworkers. Must be able to lift or help lift individuals. Must have a valid driver’s license. May be required to transport individuals for activities and events in the community, etc. in a van or other agency vehicle. Must have or be trained for CPR/First Aid and pass. Must be certified for medication administration by passing the course and skills checklist. Provides direct care and habilitation programming to individuals.

Primary Duties:

  1. Maintains adequate personal hygiene of individuals by assisting in bathing, grooming, dressing and undressing, feeding, toileting and positioning.
  2. Promptly reports to the Shift Facilitator or Nurse any suspected need for medical attention.
  3. Assists with or performs nursing care procedures or routines as delegated by RN. Medication administration training required to pass medication.
  4. Serves as chief resource person for day-to-day status and needs of the individuals.
  5. Works with professional staff to evaluate assigned individuals’ present abilities, progress and potential.
  6. Participates in the development and follow through of assigned individual service plans (ISP).
  7. Follows and documents the program and activities’ schedules on each individual.
  8. Properly uses and cares for each individual’s personal equipment (TV, radio, etc.).
  9. Interacts with each individual and co-worker in a manner which is consistent with respect for the individual and his/her value as a human being.
  10. Serves as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team for the individuals from the home in which they are assigned.
  11. Records behavior, major and unusual incidents and accident reports, relates potential medical or behavioral problems to appropriate staff.
  12. Interacts physically with each individual and co-worker in a socially and professionally acceptable manner.
  13. Uses acceptable language and tones of voice.
  14. Maintains a safe, clean, healthful environment for the individuals and coworkers, including laundry.
  15. Exchanges pertinent information about individuals and other concerns with the Shift Facilitator and other personnel at the beginning and close of the shift.
  16. Keeps Shift Facilitator informed of any changes in individual or work schedule.
  17. Participates in on-going staff development activities.
  18. Other related duties.

Other Duties:

The Third Shift Direct Support Personnel has the responsibility for laundry at the home and for cleaning the entire home with the exception of individuals’ bedrooms while they sleep. Third shift personnel will also be asked to prepare breakfast and the following day’s meals and assist in the care of the specific individuals or their daily hygiene needs. Third shift is an awake position.

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