Residential Concepts, Inc. operates six residential homes, all handicap accessible, which are decorated with modern furnishings and immaculately maintained. Two homes are licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the other four homes are Individual Options (IO) waiver homes. All homes are operated with exemplary standards and meet extensive Federal and State guidelines. Our personnel are well-trained in the areas of:

  • Personal care, delegated nursing; CPR and First Aid; Medication administration; Skill development; Overview of serving persons with developmental disabilities; Rights and responsibilities of persons with developmental disabilities; Individual choice making and decisions; Major unusual incidents; Abuser registry; Positive culture; Community integration; Health and safety; Self advocacy and self determination; Person centered planning; and Personal funds.

Support Coordination

We work diligently with the person receiving our services, family, and other team members to provide a comprehensive personal plan that includes assistance with finances, medical decisions, and everyday life goals. Our personnel assist with carrying out individual plans that enable each person to live full lives through choice-making and goal realization.

Community Living

Here at RCI, our main goal is to help those living in our homes achieve their highest level of independence at home and in the community. We encourage each person to engage in family and community activities,  leisure activities, and recreational activities such as:

  • Community Events (local fairs and festivals, dances, bingo, music in the park, sporting events, etc.)
  • Recreational Memberships (YMCA, Cincinnati Nature Center, Cincinnati Zoo, etc.)
  • Leisure outings (cinemas, restaurant dining, shopping, library, horseback riding, mall walking, church, local parks, etc.)

Home Life

Each home offers a family living environment, in which each person shares a home in the community with three to six peers, under the supervision of caring and well-trained personnel. Those living in the home share in all aspects of managing their home, such as cooking, cleaning and organizing, shopping, and laundry. Also, they participate in leisure activities such as: board games, puzzles, arts and crafts, movie nights, card games, outdoor games, reading, and letter writing.

Nursing Services

One component that sets RCI apart from any other agency is our nursing services. On staff, we have three RNs and one LPN who bring years of nursing expertise to the people we serve.

Our goal is to provide quality healthcare and ensure that each person’s medical, dental, vision, and psychological needs are met. Our healthcare coordination includes:

  • 24/7 nursing availability
  • Medical appointments – A nurse accompanies each person to medical appointments, Emergency Room visits, and hospitalization.
  • Medications – Quality assurance reviews are performed by our nurses to ensure the current regimen is effective and to ensure the medications are being dispensed as prescribed.
  • Annual Health Screenings – Annual physical, flu vaccine, mammogram(s), colonscopy(ies), vision exam(s), dental exam(s), etc.
  • Medical, Podiatry, Radiology, and Laboratory Services
  • Preventive health care

Frequently Asked Questions

Can family and friends visit? Yes! There are no restrictions on visiting the home unless specified in the person’s plan. Moreover, there are no limits on home visits.

Is transportation available? Yes! There is a vehicle available at each home for outings or medical appointments. Modified vans are available.

What does the personnel do in the home? Our personnel have a true desire to deliver quality care to the people we serve. Our personnel are in the home 24/7, with awake third shift. Personnel ratios are determined by the person’s assessed needs. Personnel responsibilities include: assisting with home maintenance and cleaning, meal preparation, daily living skills, budgeting, grocery shopping, medical appointments, medication administration, activities in the community, behavioral interventions, and other countless activities.

How do you ensure the welfare and safety of the individuals you serve? Our personnel must complete a background check, CPR and First Aid training, a physical, orientation training, and on-shift training with a supervisor. Annual ongoing training is provided.

Other questions? Please contact us at (513)724-0094.