Residential Concepts, Inc. (RCI) offers adult day support, vocational habilitation, residential, transportation, as well as nursing services to all participants enrolled in our program.

The adult day support program, called Cane Run Farm (CRF), has three locations and serves over eighty individuals. Our program offers life skill options to developmentally disabled/special needs adults to explore new areas of personal interest. We provide an alternative to the traditional activity centers for persons with disabilities and encourage individuals to be active and independent with the assistance of warm and caring personnel in an inclusive community environment. The focus of the program is to promote socialization, choice making, and physical and emotional health in skill development areas.

With the Residential program, we operate six homes within or near the Village of Williamsburg, in which individuals receive support in the areas of money management, choices and options, transportation, community membership, leisure activities, health and safety, nutrition, medical assistance (nursing and delegated nursing services), and 24-hour supervision.

Moreover, we offer vocational habilitation services with employment opportunities to developmentally disabled/special needs adults. This program operates as a functional garden center that is open to the general public. The focus of the program is to teach and reinforce responsibility; attendance; task completion; problem solving; social interaction; motor skill development; and safety. Those eligible for participation in the program must also attend the adult day support program to meet the necessary requirements. The individuals have job opportunities in plant care, general housekeeping, and customer service and are compensated according to state and federal laws.

Additionally, Residential Concepts, Inc. provides non-medical Transportation to and from our adult day support program as well as community outings. Transportation (both medical and non-medical) is provided for all individuals residing in our homes.

Finally, with our Nursing Program, we employ three Registered Nurses (RNs), who are available Monday-Friday to assist with adult day support needs as well as residential needs (nursing staff is also “on-call” for the residential program on a 24-hour basis). A RN accompanies the individual to all medical appointments.